“Mood Wings”

How do you move from a place of pure excitement to a place of sudden depression in matter of milli seconds? How do you explain the days that are all rosy and bright and then all of a sudden you forget you were having such a ball

Is it fate? Or just a trigger of a set of interlaced events that set off a volcano of emotions that can barely be curtailed. Are we humans by nature meant to have a constant instability of the very thing we own, our minds? It seems to me that there is something more to how we tick and what makes that happen. They say we are all part of an eco system that by default, balances it self over time. Every single day we try as much as we can to survive this system that pulls and tugs at our very being in an effort to live up to the expectations of “balance”. Survivor of the fittest are the rules of the game and the Price of it all is what were were trying to overcome- the want for more. So if we indeed are insatiable beings with a thirst that ‘stuff’ can never truly annul, why dont we just come to a place of compromise and fix one point as the place of rest. Or maybe we just enjoy the ups and the downs we face afterall. So lets say we do, what then takes us to those highest highs and also drops us to the lowest lows? That thing called the mood!!!! I now see it as my wings. It had always been referred to as being a function of the mind that got swung around and as such we called it the mood swing. But the swing is pretty much like a pendulum. Its back and forth scheme of oscillation is programmed and accurately determined. If our moods were so well cut out with precision, we would not have half of the issues we have in our world today. But lets see what we really have. We have wings and they may not be as magnificent as an eagles or steady as an air bus… but they exist all the same. The workings of how we take to flight and use full potential of this wings differs from person to heart to mind to circumstances. We will go much further into a look at this as we progress.. how best to use our wings to an advantage and how it is also our own very woe.

 Johnny English 

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