Her pain, our reality.

She’s racing down the dirt path, panting and not aware of the cuts she now has on her feet. Somewhere along this race against time she had lost both of what was left of her foot ware.
Her mind focused her determination sure, for her, it was a merry go round of emotions. But for every minute wasted, all she knew and believed was her future slowly faded away.
Ngozi was not the typical city girl to grow up with fantasies of roses in her hair and barbies to plait and paint. She never knew what it meant to blush nor did she have the luxury of pink sheets and skirts made from finest cotton fabric and such.
She was born a fighter a natural born ruler. For deep rooted in her was the need to win, to survive or at least to thrive. Her deepest fears were her greatest enemies and yet they seemed to spur her on at this very moment.
She didn’t see the boulder just up ahead, her feet struck and in a flash she was sent flying, face first to a path she knew only too well.
Time seemed to pause.
Thoughts flashed in her mind.
In those moments of this unbecoming fall. She saw where she was coming from, where she was now and was blind to where she would be.
“Ng”, as her mother called her, had always dreamt of being a part of stories she had heard when growing up. To live the city life and have a family of her own and yes, take mama with her.
Half way to the ground, she closed her eyes and prepared for the worst.
Mama was really not her mother, but she had taken that place since Ngozi could call the words “mama”. She had fed her and watched her grow, fought for her and to reality she helped her know. No day passed with a bonding session between this two. “Best of friends, gossip pals, culinary champions, even relationship experts” were but a few names they got tagged over the years. But it was perfect, for all they needed was themselves. But now her world hung by a thread. Mama is sick.
The pain she felt as she landed was surprisingly not as she expected. The tears that flowed were from the hurt in her heart.
The ‘yellow medicine man’ as the doctors were called had come to see mama weeks before this dreary dusk. He had taken her blood with him and she loathed him for that, but stayed calm in the hope of mama getting better. She hoped each day for good news.
She never got any.
She was told mama wouldn’t make it. She had some god cursed disease called cancer. Yes she remembered the name very well as she had fought with it severally in her dreams, chased it even begged it to leave mama alone.
It was her final attempt to save mama. Her last flight as she knew it. If only the yellow medicine man could try one more time.
But deep down inside her, she knew this battle was lost.
Johnny English.

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