“Mood Wings”

How do you move from a place of pure excitement to a place of sudden depression in matter of milli seconds? How do you explain the days that are all rosy and bright and then all of a sudden you forget you were having such a ball Is it fate? Or just a trigger of […]

Shaam’ Grill and Bar

Before I dealt with the menu, I picked my phone, smiling ear to ear and with the camera, it went ‘click shutter click’…. You know that moment when you need to totally make yourself happy against all odds? When the very world you live in seems to be taking every breath from within you and […]

My name was Hecter

I know my parents must have been thrilled at my birth.  I remember the colors, the gifts, the warmth of family and a hope that this will always continue. I remember how I got called so many na… Source: My name was Hecter